How do I say all that Jan France has done for me?

I am Leo Mitchell, From Beaumont, Texas , hurricane Rita, 2005. How do I say all that Jan France has done for me? She came to the shelter and rescued me from so much sorrow. She took me to Colorado, found housing for me, as well as a job, clothes to wear, as all I had was a gym bag of personal items when I arrived. She made sure I had everything I needed and sometimes things I wanted. What started out to be Southwest Colorado Disaster Relief grew and grew and is now America’s Disaster Relief. I have seen her work into the night on her computer to make sure everyone was taken care of. I know personally when funds were not available she used her own money to help others. Many times she has gone without for herself to help others. I also know she doesn’t waste money on anything she doesn’t have to. Once when I hit a very low time in my life she took me into her home, like I was family and showed me the love and caring I needed, as did her children towards me. America’s Disaster Relief is what every disaster relief should be. I hope someday I can repay all that was done for me and the many others they have helped. For now all I can say is Thank you Ms. Jan, I love you.