I am indeed grateful to Southwestern Colorado Disaster Relief.

My name is Glenn Fluker, I am from New Orleans,Louisiana. My Family and I were affected by Hurrican Katrina in (2005) I am indeed grateful to Southwestern Colorado Disaster Relief. I Truly thank God for Ms Jan France and Her team for responding to the needs of the people that were affected by the disaster in those Southern States. Jan came to our aid Via Will Rogers Institute in Texas. God knows I needed a change in my life. Jan Caravaned My family and some of my Siblings to Colorado. She Assisted us Finding A Place To Call Home While we were far away from home. She treated us with the TLC, to help us feel right at home in Colorado. South Western Colorado Disaster Relief Provided Finances To Start us off in getting food/ toiletries/and Clothes items. They also Provided All the families Assistance in finding Jobs. (Christmas Shopping) Thanks Jan and Gang. They Gave us Appliances/ Clothes and whatever needs we had they tried their best to fill. I Appreciate that. Although Some Families went back home, My Family Stayed because God is using My Family in the Ministry In Montrose, Colorado. After Our Assistance Was up It was a little hard finding work. I Loaded My car to head back to Louisiana. I Experience Car problems. Ms Jan to the rescue. Thanks again Jan and Gang. We Stayed at S.W.C.D.Relief They Helped Us Get Back on our feet once again. They even helped us Get in A moblie home in which we now reside. I Believe that (Jan) and her crew Does a Wonderful Job In Assisting People in Disaster Situations. Since I’ve Been in Colorado I’ve Seen Jan And Her Gang Assist In House Fires/ Fires In California and In other States. Whoever Read This Testimonial, Please Help This Orginazation Because They Really Reach Out Too others. Again Thanks, And May God Bless This Organization, Sincerely: The Fluker Family.