What to Donate

donation box

Personal Items Kitchen Items Cleaning Supplies
shampoo dishes laundry soap
cream rinse pots & pans fabric sheets
hair gel silverware bleach
adult diapers cutting boards fabric softener
bars of soap knives cleanser
toothpaste toasters dish soap
talc powder microwaves floor cleaning supplies
toilet paper toaster ovens furniture polish
tooth brushes glasses vacuum cleaner
deodorant mugs broom
combs cereal bowls mop
body lotion mixing bowls bucket
hair brush can openers paper towels
feminine products spatulas cleaning rags
tissue large cooking spoons
sun screen colander
hair spray anything for the kitchen
insect repellent
denture items

Baby Items Medical Items Bedding
diapers wheelchairs sheets
bottles crutches blankets
bottle warmers pottie chairs pillows
cleaning supplies first aid kits pillows cases
wipes bandages sleeping bags
baby blankets leg Braces
crib sheets arm Braces
stroller ankle braces
clothes (new)
Toys (new)


School Supplies Pet Needs
paper canned food
pencils dry food
notebooks kitty litter
pens animal transport cages
colored pencils leashes
crayons pet collars